Cityscapes (Page 2)
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Strong Museum
Rochester, NY

Red Bench, Fennimore Museum
Cooperstown, NY

Brooklyn Bridge And Flag
New York City

Storm's Coming
Dolgeville, NY

Fire Escape And Shadow
Corning, NY

Bellagio Hotel
Las Vegas

Night Water Dance
Bellagio Hotel, Las Vegas

What's Inside
Richmondville, NY

Rounded Door
Cobleskill, NY

U Mass
Amherst, MA

Building Drive By
Pittsburgh, PA

Blue Door
Sharon Springs, NY

Tower With Glassblower
Corning, NY

Bronze Lion
Las Vegas

Window, Strong Museum
Rochester, NY

Sorge's Restaurant
Corning, NY

Downtown Manhattan

Bellagio / Cirque
Las Vegas

Luxor, Las Vegas

U Mass
Amherst, MA